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ListView Issues - Custom Renderers and NumberOfRowsInSection

As I was working with a ListView in Xamarin Forms I came across a couple of issues, here I explain how I solve some custom renders not being correctly displayed inside a ViewCell, and the NumberOfRowsInSection method throwing an exception when HasUnevenRows is set to true.

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Custom Progress Bar for iOS with Xamarin Forms

In this video, I talk about how you can create a custom renderer to customize the looks of a Progress Bar for your iOS applications built with Xamarin Forms. That includes changing the progress tint color (foreground color) and the height.

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Customizing iOS Navigation Bar and Tab Bar colors

Customizing the look and feel of an application is very important when communicating your brand's personality inside the software with which your users interact, it gives the application an identity, it can convey feelings, and most importantly, it gets designers off our backs after they so persistently insisted we implement the design they poured so much effort into creating.

All joking aside, it is an important step that many developers find to have low priority, but can have a huge impact on the user experience that can define whether a user returns to the app or not. In this post then, I will show you the steps that are necessary for you to customize the NavigationBar and TabBar colors on your iOS application.

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Large Titles on iOS with Xamarin Forms

This is going to be a very quick and straight forward post, but a very useful one I believe. When searching the web for how to implement the new large titles that were introduced with iOS 11 last year when using Xamarin Forms, I found a few different ways how this is supposed to work, only one eventually worked for me.

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