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You don't need to wonder if I will ever post about a certain topic that you are learning, or wait for new posts to move forward on your education as a developer. All these courses are available now, and you can enroll and start learning today. Xamarin development, design with Adobe XD CC, Xamarin en español, and by joining through this page you get up to 95% discount!

Complete Xamarin Develper Course

The Complete Xamarin Developer Course: iOS and Android!

So you've learnt some programming, but are struggling to get an interview, let alone a job. Or you are stuck in a low paying programming job, and want to move up to a better, more senior position. Maybe you have never programmed before, and are looking for a way to get into programming for the first time.

But, just how do you get employers to notice you?  How do you make your resume stand out of the crowd of programmers looking for work? By learning to create cross platform applications targeting both iOS and Android from the one codebase, using Xamarin.

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The Advance Xamarin Developer Masterclass

If you have some existing Xamarin development experience then this course is for you. If you looking to take your existing Xamarin skills and learn more about the advanced features of Xamarin then this course can help.

By the end of the course, you will become a Xamarin expert, using the most powerful features of the platform to create entirely native apps. Along the way, you will learn how to leverage native functionality and even native Java and Objective-C code in your Xamarin Forms apps. You'll find out how to continuously deploy new versions of your app to your users . And learn how to use version control for better deployment to other developers, testers, and the App Stores.


Adobe XD CC: Master Adobe's New App Design Tool

You want to quickly design or prototype mobile, web or desktop apps, right? That is why you are here. It’s great to have you because this course will teach you exactly that.

Maybe you are an experienced designer who wants to try something new or create prototypes out of the designs with no coding necessary, or maybe you are new to designing apps and want to learn an easy enough tool that still delivers a lot of features and lets you have a prototype to show the world at the end. Maybe, even, you are a developer, who wants to design an app before developing it. This course presents to you with Adobe Experience Design, and teaches you how to use it from scratch to design and prototype mobile applications.

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Xamarin Forms: Crea Apps Android, iOS y Windows con C#!

Has intentado desarrollar aplicaciones para más de una plataforma, y te ha tomado bastante tiempo y demasiados recursos. Tienes que aprender más de un lenguaje de programación, dominar más de un entorno de desarrollo y te toma muchísimo tiempo crear la misma aplicacion para distintas plataformas, aunque sea exactamente la misma funcionalidad.

Xamarin.Forms te permite resolver todo esto, al crear aplicaciones Android, iOS y Windows con una base de código C# e interfaz XAML 100% compartida entre las plataformas. Ahora solo tienes que escribir la lógica una vez en C#, y definir la interfaz una vez en XAML para que se genere una aplicación completamente nativa, de cada una de estas plataformas.