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Where the hell did the Xamarin Forms Previewer go?

The Xamarin Forms previewer is a great tool that helps you see in real time how your Xamarin apps' interface is going to look like in a real device. But it seems that Microsoft decided in Visual Studio 2017 15.8 to get rid of it, it isn't anywhere to be found! Is it?

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Content Moderator Cognitive Service - Moderating Profanity

What the content moderator service does is, as its name may suggest, provide you information that will help you automate moderation decisions. For example, you may want to hide images that are sexually explicit, or that contain some sort of adult content. In the example that we will be working with we will be hiding profanity (curse words) from a "tweet" (you know, for our imaginary Twitter for Kids app).

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ListView Issues - Custom Renderers and NumberOfRowsInSection

As I was working with a ListView in Xamarin Forms I came across a couple of issues, here I explain how I solve some custom renders not being correctly displayed inside a ViewCell, and the NumberOfRowsInSection method throwing an exception when HasUnevenRows is set to true.

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Custom Progress Bar for iOS with Xamarin Forms

In this video, I talk about how you can create a custom renderer to customize the looks of a Progress Bar for your iOS applications built with Xamarin Forms. That includes changing the progress tint color (foreground color) and the height.

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