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Xamarin Forms MVVM - INotifyPropertyChanged

The MVVM architectural pattern is widely used by a lot of XAML developers, which means that it is not only used by Xamarin developers but also by Windows, WPF, and other developers. This pattern guides the developer throughout structuring her code in a way that will make it much easier to maintain, scale, and reuse.

It is this last benefit the one that is most important, at least in early stages of development, to Xamarin developers, since that is what Xamarin is all about, let's then dive deep into how this pattern is used on a Xamarin Forms application, starting in this post with the INotifyPropertyChanged interface, one of the interfaces that will be of great use as we implement the MVVM architectural pattern.

Xamarin Forms - Selecting an Image from the Gallery

Selecting an image from the gallery, or taking a picture with the device's camera is something that is very often used in mobile applications, and of course, your Xamarin Forms apps are often going to require this functionality, so this post will guide you through the steps necessary to implement this on a Xamarin Forms application for both Android and iOS.