About Me


It all started when…

I found an article online (was it Fortune or Forbes?) talking about this guy in the US that had taught thousands of students how to build iOS apps.

I thought that with my experience with C# and XAML maybe I could teach how to build WPF apps in the same platform, and so in 2014 I started to record my very first course.

Fast forward almost exactly 4 years to December 2018 and I have taught over 28,600 students how to build mobile apps, how to design them, and a thing or two about Cloud Computing.

My goal here is to share some knowledge that I have found causes the most pain to my students. Ranging from pains found by complete beginners, to those of more experienced developers.

So head over to the blog to start learning, or over to the Courses to purchase one of them (I have 100 hours of high-quality-video content over there, check it out!).