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Routing in Shell - Passing Information Between Pages

In the previous post I explained how you can use routing to navigate from any page inside the Shell to any other page (within or outside the Shell itself). Now I want to focus on the steps that you need to perform to get data flowing between the two pages.

This is of course crucial, as you create your application, many times, you will want the origin page to send data to the destination page, whether to display it or to use it to do something else, like read from a database the elements that contain a specific keyword or something.

Routing in Shell - The New Navigation Paradigm in Xamarin Forms

Since my previous posts about the new Shell, Xamarin Forms 4 has been released, and with it the release (non-beta) version of the Shell, which comes immediately with some improvements. Without changing the code that I created in the previous post -in which I created a few elements that were shown on the flyout menu, as well as some tabs and “secondary” tabs- the interface now looks better. It finally includes that hamburger icon, and the list of items looks ok on notched-iPhones, something that was missing at least on the Xamarin Forms 3.6 version I used in the post I mentioned:

Structure of Shell - The New Navigation Paradigm in Xamarin Forms

In my previous post I talked about how you can start using the new Xamarin Forms Shell in your apps, how to set it up and how to use it to create some tabs. In this post I want to take a closer look at this new navigation paradigm so you can start using it freely to create the apps that you need. We will take a look at its structure and its core features and explore how the flyout view works and how you can create one.