It all started when…

I found an article online (was it Fortune or Forbes? I don’t remember) talking about this instructor that had taught tens of thousands of students how to create iOS apps.

I figured I could do something similar, sharing my experience with C# and XAML to help people build WPF, Xamarin, and Windows apps, maybe even a thing or two about Cloud Computing.

And so almost exactly 4 years ago today, I started to record my very first course, a WPF course. Fast forward to today, I have taught over 28.600 students and created over 150 hours of content.

My mission with this site then, is to share some of my knowledge, particularly when it comes to the pains I have found are very common. Whether you are a complete beginner or have some experience developing apps, chances are I will have something that could help. After all, my 28K+ students constantly push me to create more content and ask questions that need answering.



In English or Spanish, online or onsite, I’ve got you covered. Shoot me an email letting me know your learning objectives and we can arrange something up!